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Wix Website Builder Review

eCommerce compatible:Yes
Free trial:Yes
Drag & drop:Yes
# of templates:500
SEO Friendly:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:14 days

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A Quick Overview:

Wix is a website development platform which is primarily focused on making the process to building a website as simple & easy as possible. Wix is well known due to their highly effective advertising campaigns, as being a user-friendly platform especially for non-web developers. Anyone can use the drag-and-drop interface to create anything from a one page website to a multi-category eCommerce store. The platform also integrates well with other apps and services from the Wix App Market, to allow various additions to your website such as social media feeds, contact forms and embedded HTML. While Wix has many impressive features, it also has a few downfalls. One of these downfalls is its blog feature which loads slowly at times and does not compare well to its competitors like Squarespace and BoldGrid. Another downfall is that there is no way for you to export data from your website, should you choose to decide to switch to another platform. Overall Wix is a great website builder for building stunning websites if you are willing to overlook the few issues it has.

Why choose Wix:

  • One of the best website builders on the market
  • No knowledge of coding is required
  • Ability to code advanced web applications & robust websites
  • Easy to make your website responsive/mobile-friendly
  • Recent improvements include clean URLS
  • The drag and drop interface makes it very user friendly and easy to learn
  • There are over 500 customizable templates to choose from
  • Great online customer support
  • The Wix App Market makes it possible to extensively customized your website
  • Affordable and very competitive pricing in comparison to other website builders
  • Excellent choice for beginners looking to build a small business website

What are the disadvantages:

  • The blog feature not robust enough to handle a large amount of content
  • The free plan has Wix ads displayed on the website and does not allow you to connect your own domain which pretty much forces users to upgrade to a premium plan
  • Unable to export data if you decide to switch to another platform
  • A limited number of site add-ons (2 domains allowed) for the “Launch” plan (their most basic hosting plan)
  • Offers an eCommerce plan but Shopify offers more features for relatively the same price

The bottom line:

Wix is a great choice for small business owners who want to build their own website or for persons who simply want to build a personal website for an affordable price or even for free. It is a well-known platform in the world of website builders. Their focus is on convenience and a do-it-yourself (DIY) interface that is easy to learn, makes it easy to create your own website fairly quickly. As with anything, while there are pros, there are also a few cons with this website builder. It is important to note that Wix’s SEO tools and blog feature are far from perfect. The blog platform tends to be slow especially once those blog posts begin to add up. It seems like it simply cannot handle a lot of content so while it is visually pleasing, it is lacking in functionality. Another con to Wix is that their free plan has Wix ads displayed on it and won’t allow for a custom domain to be connected, which looks unprofessional for businesses so technically, you will have to pay if you want a decent website using Wix. If these two main downfalls are ones that you can look past, then Wix may be an excellent website builder for you. It is also an affordable option for those looking to build an ecommerce store. With 90 million users and growing, Wix still remains a leader in the space of website builders.

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Expert Opinion – Our In-Depth Review of Wix

The Wix website builder was founded back in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. While creating a website for their latest start up idea, the three realized just how difficult and agonizing it was to create a simple website from scratch. That is when they came up with the concept for Wix.com. The vision was to create a platform that made it possible for anyone create a beautiful website with no need for design or coding skills. Through word of mouth and highly effective marketing campaigns, Wix has grown from having just about 1 million users in 2009 to currently having over 90 million users in 190 countries across the globe. The site has roughly 45,000 new sign ups daily. Wix has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, but also has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Miami and in cities across Lithuania, Germany, Brazil and Ukraine. Wix continues to deploy a significant amount of its resources to research and development as well as to marketing, and the company is expected to continue to growing steadily in years to come.

Plans & Features – Which One is Right For Me?

Wix heavily markets its free plan which is free for life. While Wix doesn’t force its users to upgrade to a premium plan, most users will need to upgrade anyway in order to remove Wix ads and connect their own domain to their website, along with gaining access to many other paid features and benefits. Apart from Wix’s free plan, they currently offer 5 different premium plans – namely, Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP. The cheapest plan, Connect Domain is $5 per month while the most expensive plan, VIP is $25 per month. These plans can either be billed monthly or yearly. Each plan has different benefits and features which seemingly get better with each upgrade. It is also important to note that while Wix offers Email Accounts, Domain Names and third party Apps, the cost of these services are not included in the cost of your plan but rather, it will be charged as an additional cost.

Premium Plans:Yearly Subscription:Monthly Subscription:Compare:
Connect Domain$5.00/mo$7.00/moView Details
Combo$10.00/mo$14.00/moView Details
Unlimited$14.00/mo$16.00/moView Details
eCommerce$17.00/mo$20.00/moView Details
VIP$25.00/mo$30.00/moView Details

Connect Domain: The main difference between this plan and the free plan is the ability to connect your own domain to your Wix website. This plan also gives you 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage. On the downside, you will still have Wix ads displayed on your website which will look quite unprofessional if your website is for business purposes. For this reason, persons tend to skip over this premium plan and upgrade to the Combo plan. The Connect Domain plan may be right for you if you don’t plan to do any serious business with your website. If you just want somewhere to direct your personal domain name to then you may find this plan suitable for you.

Combo: This plan will give you 2GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage, the ability to connect your domain name, removal of Wix ads, and a customized Favicon. You can also get your domain for free if you choose the yearly subscription of your plan. It’s important to note that the domain will only be free for the first year, after which the regular cost is about $10 per year. This plan would be right for you if you are aiming to create a professional looking website with a minimal amount of content. The great thing about this plan is that you will have your own domain and no more Wix ads but if you a large amount of content on the website, it may move very slow because you only have 3GB of storage.

Unlimited: Suggested by the name of this plan, a major benefit that it offers is unlimited bandwidth. Some other features include 10GB Storage, the ability to connect your domain, a free domain for one year if you choose the yearly subscription, removal of Wix ads, a customized favicon, a free Premium Form Builder App and a free Premium Site Booster App. According to Wix, this is their most popular plan and they indicate that it is great for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. This plan would be suitable for you if you find that you need more bandwidth and storage than what the Combo plan offers because that is essentially the main difference between the Combo and the Unlimited plan.

eCommerce: This plan offers everything that the Unlimited plan offers except for 3 notable difference. For the eCommerce plan, the bandwidth is down to 20GB, the storage is also 20GB and of course you now have the ability to add an online store to your website. This plan is suitable if you want to display and sell products on your website. It is not the most robust option out there for building an online store but if your store is relatively small, it will get the job done. It is also worth saying the that the design, which tends to be Wix’s strongest area, is quite impressive.

VIP: This plan is quite similar to the ecommerce plan however, there are 3 notable upgrades. For this plan, the bandwidth is back up to unlimited, you will get 10 email campaigns per month and you can also request a professional site review. This plan may be right for you if you have a lot traffic coming to your website/online store. The other features that make this plan more expensive than the ecommerce plans are not that significant for the average user so the only deciding factor here, is whether you need the unlimited bandwidth.

Account Management – Tools, Features, & Editor

Screenshot of the Wix AMP (Account Management Panel)

The first page that you land on when you sign into your Wix account is your account management page. From here you will see all the Wix applications that you have on your website and some suggested applications that Wix thinks you might want. If you have a blog on your website, you can access the Blog Manager from here instead of going into the Editor. This can be quite useful if you update content frequently.

From this page, you will also see a box labelled as Domains and Mailboxes. If you click it, it will lead you to a Wix Premium page where you can buy your own domain and buy your own mailbox (customized email address). Wix does the mailbox feature through Google Apps but it is quite convenient that they offer all these services in one place. You can also manage Roles and Permissions, SEO, your Wix Store (the eCommerce feature) and more from the Account Management Page.

At the top right-hand corner of the page, there are few icons. If you hover over the “head” icon, you will see a drop down menu from which you can select to manage Account Settings, Billings and Payments, Premium Plans, Domains, Mailboxes and more. The “plus sign” icon is what you will click if you want to create a new website.

At the top left- hand corner of the page, you will see a section that says “My Sites”. If you have created more than one website on your Wix account, this is where you will find the other websites. Once you have selected the website that you want to work on, click “Manage Site” which is on the image of your website on the left-hand side of the screen. You will be directed to this page:

Screenshot of the Wix Overview Tab

This page is where you will manage your website specifically. You can view, rename, duplicate, transfer or delete your website. From the menu on the left side of this page, you can also edit/manage your domain, SEO, website’s mobile version, language, business information, social media setup, analytics, and permissions. By clicking the blue button that says “Edit Site”, you will be led to the WIX Editor where you can begin customizing your website.

Wix Editor Vs. Wix ADI

When you begin to create your website for first time, you will need to select what type of website you are creating, then you will be asked to select between using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and using the Wix Editor.

Wix Editor Vs. Wix ADI

If you choose Wix ADI, the first thing you’ll have to do is answer several questions about yourself and your business. The interface will then use that information to search for and compile additional information to create your profile. You can choose this profile or skip it and move on to selecting your colour theme which is the final step. The WIX ADI will then create a complete one page website with sample images that you can easily replace.

If you choose to create your website with the Wix Editor, all you have to do is select a template. Wix has over 500 template so this may take some time. After you’ve chosen a template, you’ll be directed to the standard Wix Editor screen where you can begin customizing your website using the drag and drop interface.

WIX ADI was introduced in Fall 2016 and is great for users who have a lot of information on internet about themselves or their business and have a strong social media presence that the interface can use to compile information for your profile. Otherwise, we would suggest selecting the standard Wix Editor to customize your website.

Helpful FAQs About Wix

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about Wix:

Technically no. Wix does gives you the ability to publish a website for free, however, Wix ads will be displayed on your website and you won’t be able to connect a custom domain to the site. For this reason, it is unpractical to use their free plan if you want a professional website and you’ll more than likely upgrade to one of the premium.

Yes, if you select that option. By default, Wix websites will show up on a mobile device in the same way that it shows up on a desktop, but there is the option in the WIX Editor to make your website mobile friendly and edit the layout of your mobile site.

There is nowhere on a Wix site or the Wix Editor that shows the source code of site so it cannot be edited. Users can only drag and drop elements and add embedded HTML.

Disadvantages Explained – Things Wix Could Improve

As with any platform there are going some downfalls or areas for improvement. Here is a further explanation of those issues:

The Blog: Wix offers the capability of adding a blog to your website but it is not their strongest area. The layout is beautiful but the blog loads rather slowly sometimes in comparison to that of other website builders such as Squarespace.

The free plan is unpractical: Wix heavily emphasizes on being free but it’s important to note that with this plan, Wix ads will be displayed on your website and you won’t be able to connect your domain therefore it is unpractical to use this plan if you want a professional looking website. To remove the ads and connect your custom domain (essentially a necessary for any professional website), you would have to upgrade to the Combo plan.

Inability to export data: If you ever decide that you want move to another platform, you’ll have a hard time doing so because Wix does not have an option available for you to export your data. This means that if you decide to move to another platform, you have to manually copy and paste your information and rebuild your website from scratch.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

Wix is known for being an innovative company and they continue to improve their platform each year. Along with the WIX Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), here are a few noteworthy improvements WIX has made:

WIX Mobile App: In October 2016, WIX launched its mobile app which is now available in both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. Some of the features of the app include getting real time updates of when your site has visitors, the ability to start a live chat with visitors on the site, managing your online store, managing your blog and more.

Wix App Market: Wix has tons of Wix apps and third-party apps available in the the Wix App Market that you can use to fully customize your website. This means that you won’t be bound by the features that come with whatever template you choose. Some apps are free and others come at a premium but just simply having the option, makes Wix more attractive to anyone wanting to build a customized website.

Conclusion – To Build or Not to Build?

As we reach the conclusion of our Wix review, it’s important to keep in mind that every website builder has different strength and weaknesses. If you’re considering Wix, you’ll need to determine if this website builder offers the right features, pricing, and services to best suit your needs. For further information about Wix, visit their website at www.wix.com. If you found this review helpful, please like and share it!

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