Webnode Review: Is It Any Good?

How good is the multilingual website builder really? Check out our full Webnode review with pros & cons, complaints, recommended use, FAQs, & more to find out!

webnode review

eCommerce compatible:Yes
Free trial:Yes
Drag & drop:Yes
# of templates:98
SEO Friendly:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:15 days

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A Quick Overview

With over 40 million registered users, Webnode is a surprisingly huge player in the website building world. It’s designed to get your first website draft up and running in just a matter of minutes!

Webnode has an extremely simple editing interface so you can easily make your own website using its attractive templates. Webnode offers a variety of plans, from simple websites to thorough eCommerce stores, which should make it easy to find the features that fit you best at an affordable price.

So what sets Webnode apart from other website builders? Its great multilingual support. With 20 languages supported, you can build a multilingual website that can reach a truly global audience. Webnode also has a backup & restore feature, which most website builders lack.

While Webnode has truly unique features, there are a few areas where it could be improved. One of those problems is that there’s no social media integration. Another downside is that the blogging tool is lacking some key features, like support for RSS or commenting. Overall Webnode is still a great choice for easily building a beautiful website with support for multiple languages.

What are Webnode's pros? 👍

  • The Easy Drag and Drop interface and Grid System make designing your site simple even if design isn’t your forte
  • Support for 20 different languages including multilingual sites
  • Customer support in 20 languages as well
  • There are 98 modern, stunning templates to choose from
  • The Backup and restore feature comes to the rescue should disaster strike
  • Setting up an eCommerce site is easy with a newly updated shopping cart

What are the disadvantages? 👎

  • The blog feature is lacking as there is no commenting feature
  • The Free and Mini plans feature a Webnode ad on your site
  • Unlimited bandwidth only comes with the Profi plan
  • No Social Media integration
  • Lacks in some more advanced design elements like slideshows

The bottom line

Webnode is a great choice for beginners or smaller eCommerce sites that would benefit from multilingual options. The ability to have a site in different languages in an SEO-optimized way makes Webnode almost unique. The Backup and Restore features also give you peace of mind by allowing you to save different versions of your site.

Basic users who aren’t bothered by Webnode ads on their site will find low cost or even free options. These lower-priced plans do come at a cost though, lacking eCommerce, language features, and a limited bandwidth.

However, these additional features are affordably priced and all available through the Profi Service Plan. Individuals and small businesses alike will find this plan has most of the features they need.

Where Webnode could be improved however is in its blog features. The lack of RSS and commenting take away two key tools for engaging with audiences. Though RSS is waning in popularity it is still used by many bloggers, tech writers, and podcasters. Commenting on the other hand is an absolutely important feature for blogs and a way to respond quickly to your users and increase engagement.

Another downside of Webnode is that it currently has no social media integration, so you’d miss out on a popular way of interacting with your audience. There are ways to add it manually, copying and pasting code, however, you probably wouldn’t choose Webnode if you had an appetite to fiddle around with code snippets.

Aside from lacking these few features, Webnode does provide inexpensive options for hosting excellent websites with eCommerce options. It’s ease of use and responsive modern templates have made Webnode a pretty popular platform.

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Company Overview

The Webnode website builder was created by Westcom Ltd., a company based in Brno, Czech Republic. Since 2002 Westcom Ltd. has been making tools for large customers to more easily program and create new websites. Using this as a framework the company sought to make a website building tool for non-technical users and in 2008 Webnode was born.

In 2020, they had over 40 million users. This made them attractive to, a Belgian hosting and domain name conglomerate, who acquired them in December 2020.

Plans & Features – Which one is Right for Me?

Webnode attracts new users with its free plan, but most will find this option too limited. Upgrading plans will allow access to features such as larger storage and bandwidth, removing the Webnode ad from your site, using your own domain name, as well as language support.

Webnode currently offers 5 different Service plans, Free, Limited, Basic, Standard, and Profi. All plans are billed yearly. The pricing plans are all inexpensive and both the Standard, and Profi plans include email accounts and Google Analytics Support. These plan prices include a domain name for 1 year free of charge. Afterwards the cost for a domain starts at $18.95 and goes up to $44.95 a year for more exotic domain name endings.


WEBSITE Plans:Yearly Subscription:Compare:
Free$0/moView Details
Limited$3.90/moView Details
Mini$7.50/moView Details


ECOMMERCE Plans:Yearly Subscription:Compare:
Standard$12.90/moView Details
Profi$22.90/moView Details

Website Plans

Free: The biggest drawback to the Free plan, right away, is that you’re forced to use Webnode’s Domain name ( so you can’t connect your own Domain name. You’ll have all of the features included in the Limited plan, however. This means you have 100MB of storage with 1 GB of bandwidth per month.

Limited: The Limited Plan offers 100MB of storage space, 1 GB of monthly bandwidth, but allows you to use your own custom domain name. It does have some pretty restrictive limits, such as 5 fields max on forms, and statistics are only available for the last 30 days. Most will find this plan has too many restrictions and too few features to work for their site.

Mini: This plan gets you 500MB of storage, 3 GB monthly bandwidth, and also includes 1 year of a free domain (around $19/ year afterward). There are no restrictions on forms or statistics, but you only get 1 email address. This plan could be right for you if you are just looking to create a simple website without online selling capabilities or multiple email accounts.

Ecommerce Plans

Standard: This is the lowest cost plan if you want to host an eCommerce site. In addition to the online sales features, you have access to up to 2 GB of storage with 10 GB of monthly bandwidth. Additionally, the Standard plan includes 20 email accounts, and up to 100 registered members for your site. This plan also allows you to create up to 2 multiple language versions of your website. This plan is a great fit for most if you only need support for 2 languages and want to start selling online quickly and easily.

Profi: This plan could be dubbed the ‘unlimited’ plan because it allows for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited registered members, unlimited multiple languages, and unlimited backups and recoveries. Do I really need all that bandwidth and language support? Maybe not now, but if you are planning on growing your business/online store, this plan offers the most benefits for a reasonable price. The plan also includes 5 GB of storage and 1 year of a free domain.


Account Management, Tools, Features, and Editor

webnode templates


When you first sign in to your Webnode account you’ll be prompted to create either a website or an eCommerce site. You can then choose a template to get you started. From there you can edit your website using their easy drag and drop system.


Store front page webnode


From this page, you also access your general settings. In the top right corner, is your settings panel where you can set up your domain name, email addresses, and manage your Google Adsense and Analytics. You can also edit the details of your online store.


settings menu


The Pages menu in the upper right-hand corner is where you can manage the settings of each page including SEO. There’s also a Products menu where you can easily update your product list and inventory.


products menu

pages menu


Once you’ve picked your template you can start building your new custom website. The templates all easily allow you to change color elements, swap out images, and the grid system allows you to move your content blocks around while keeping a beautiful design.

Webnode vs. Wix

Both Webnode and provide simple drag and drop tools for creating beautiful websites, but there are a few key differences. Which platform is right for you? If you are looking for lots of design options Wix has 500 templates to choose from versus Webnode’s 98 templates. That being said all of Webnode’s templates are responsive and sleek so you’ll probably find one that suits you.

Where Wix does have Webnode beat is the availability of third-party apps that let you add features to your site. The area where Webnode really succeeds however is its language features. Webnode makes it super simple to add multiple versions of the same site in many languages. Wix has a multilingual feature too, however, it’s not very SEO-friendly since you can’t fully edit the URLs of your other languages.

Wix and Webnode are priced about the same, with Webnode coming in just a little less expensive for similar features.

language menu

Other options, especially if you are looking for more flexibility, are WordPress and Webflow.

Helpful FAQs about Webnode

Yes, absolutely. You don't need to move your existing domain name to Webnode if you prefer not to. You can also simply leave it where it currently is and point it to your Webnode site. Webnode's support has detailed instructions on how to do that.

Yes, though it’s very limited. You won’t be able to connect a custom domain name and there will be a Webnode ad displayed on your site. Most will find this plan impractical and will want to upgrade.

Yes, this is one of the key features that sets Webnode apart. With either the Standard or Profi plans, you’ll have the ability to back up versions of your website.

No, unfortunately, you can’t change your template without starting from scratch You can create multiple projects, however, and transfer the website content over manually.

Disadvantages Explained – Things Webnode Could Improve

No platform does everything perfectly, of course. Webnode could be improved in the following areas.

The Blog: The features of the blog section are a bit basic. Webnode currently does not support key features such as RSS and commenting. While RSS may not be a need for some, comments are still important for engaging your readers.

No Social Media Integration: Unlike other popular website builders like Wix and Squarespace, you can’t link your social media accounts to your site. This would be a really good feature to add for connecting with your audience.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

Webnode started off with a global audience in mind. In their 12-year history, they’ve grown to be one of the largest website building platforms.

Free Trial: Webnode offers a ‘no questions asked’ 15 day trial period. If you want to cancel your plan within the first 15 days they will refund your payment. They don’t refund domain registration though.

Multilingual Sites: Using Webnodes language feature is simple and seamless. You can easily add a new language and add your own translations so you have multiple translations of the same site.


Webnode is similar to many of its competitors in terms of ease of use and professional design. It’s grid system and drag and drop features make designing and customizing your site easy and fun!

Setting up an eCommerce site is really simple with great tools for managing products and inventory as well. If you want to build a professional-looking website with multiple language options, Webnode may be the perfect fit for you. No other web building platform has such easy tools for creating multilingual sites.

Overall, Webnode is an ideal platform for sites requiring multiple languages like online retailers, international organizations, education sites, and sites for any place where multiple languages are spoken. With 40 million global users Webnode is sure to be a key company in the industry for years to come.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Have you used Webnode before? Have any positive or negative experiences you’d like to share with us? Just leave a comment!



02/16/2022 – Checked for accuracy.
01/21/2021 – Webnode got acquired and other general updates

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