5 Best Website Builders of 2017

A guide to website building software and a list of the top website builders that are easy to learn & use for beginners.

Best website builders

In this article, we'll cover the top 5 best website builders for making your own website. In our guide, how to make a website, we recommend using Wix. Wix is a great choice for small businesses and one of the most popular website builders on the market. However, there are many different website builders you can use and we’ve listed some other great choices as well. Each website builder offers a unique approach to designing, building, and editing a site and you will need to decide on which website builder best fits your requirements.

The Best Site Builders at a Glance

Listed below are 5 of the best website builders that we recommend to our readers:

Website BuilderStarts at:Recommended for:Learn more
Wix$4.08/moSmall business sites with fully customizable templatesRead Review
SiteBuilder$9.95/moSimple & easy for making basic informational websitesRead Review
Weebly$8.00/moStrong platform to use for eCommerceRead Review
SquareSpace$12.00/moArtistic templates for those in a creative professionLearn More
BoldGrid/WordPress$3.49/moProfessional sites that need powerful functionality & featuresRead Review

Understanding Which Website Builder You Should Use

Most website builders allow you to sign up for free, so why not test them all out? Sign up with a couple and see which one you like the best. All of the options above allow you to start building for free. Be forewarned though that the free versions are not adequate for business and you WILL eventually need to upgrade to a paid plan. Not surprisingly, free plans have limited features and functionality and are meant solely for testing purposes. We cannot stress this enough on how unprofessional it is to showcase a business website to your customers using a free plan. Keep this in mind when you're picking your website builder.


Most website builders are meant for beginners who have no experience in web design and development. That being said, there is still a little learning curve involved. Most of you reading this guide are small business owners who want to build a website yourself. It’s definitely a doable thing – and anyone with a little patience and determination can do it using the help of website building software. You just need to spend time familiarizing yourself with the website builder you choose. And for those of you who have problems turning on a computer, hiring a professional web designer is going to be your best choice!

Quick Tip: Most website builders allow you to sign up for free and start building without payment. You can try 'em & test 'em first!