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InMotion Hosting Review 2018

Is InMotion Hosting a good web host? Read our full InMotion Hosting review with pros & cons, complaints, recommended use, FAQs, coupons, & more.

InMotion Hosting Review

Server O/S:Linux
Control Panel:cPanel
Data center location #1:Los Angeles, CA
Data center location #2:Virginia Beach, VA
Shared Hosting:Yes
VPS Hosting:Yes
Dedicated Hosting:Yes
Reseller Hosting:Yes
Cloud Hosting:No

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A Quick Overview:

InMotion Hosting is an affordable, high performance web hosting company that is widely recommended for small businesses, start-ups, and enterprise websites. We've found InMotion Hosting to be one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting service providers on the market – with faster page load speeds than the average web hosting service. InMotion Hosting is widely recognized as one of the leading providers for self-hosted business websites and is endorsed by us, CNET, PCMag, and many other professional review sites. We highly recommend them for both small and large businesses that need fast, safe, and reliable web hosting.

Why choose InMotion Hosting:

  • Shared, VPS, and dedicated plans for websites of any size
  • High performance, business grade web hosting solutions
  • Free backup and restore tools for your website
  • Free private SSL with all shared business hosting plans
  • More RAM, more storage, and more bandwidth compared to the other web hosts.
  • Both secure and reliable, which makes it a great choice for ecommerce
  • Uses cPanel, the industry standard control panel for managing your web hosting account
  • The best customer support you’ll ever receive via telephone & email
  • Preferred choice for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla CMS websites
  • Now with FREE solid state drives (SSD) for enhanced performance
  • Allows customers to choose geographical server location during checkout for maximum speeds & reduced latency

What are the disadvantages:

  • Signup verification via phone – all purchases must be manually verified to eliminate fake users/spam
  • Occasional hardware upgrades and scheduled maintenance
  • A limited number of site add-ons (2 domains allowed) for the “Launch” plan (their most basic hosting plan)
  • Premium website builder feels old and outdated – not the best choice

The bottom line:

InMotion Hosting is our top choice for hosting a website and we highly recommend them for professional businesses of all sizes. They offer high performance web hosting with exceptional customer support. We also highly recommend them for hosting WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites. InMotion Hosting now offers free integration of BoldGrid for web designers looking to use a premium website builder with WordPress. Other open source website builder tools are also available using “one click” installation with Softaculous.

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InMotion Hosting User Reviews

It's hard to get real customers to write a review (and many review sites publish fake reviews which we'll never do), so if you've used this web host, PLEASE write an honest review for us and let others know what you think about this web host! Keep in mind, typically only customers that are upset with a company are likely to take the time to write a review. Some of their complaints may be warranted or not.

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  • HTGO

    Doug Searle

    United States
    July 20, 2017
    Customer Rating:
    Humans. They don't have them.

    InMotion did us wrong by shutting down our non-profit's site because it happened to be on the same account as a hacked site. When they did this, they failed to notify us. This site is the first stop for our donors, and the consequence was an unknown number of lost contributions. No one in any of the departments I dealt with was able to express ANY understanding of the havoc wreaked by the actions of InMotion, including a third level manager in the Customer “Care” department. InMotion is a dehumanizing bureaucracy.

  • HTGO

    Roger Dundas

    United States
    January 5, 2017
    Customer Rating:
    Advanced Product Support Service from InMotion Hosting

    We had some issues with receiving spam on one of our email accounts. Contacted the support chat at InMotion Hosting and they solved the problem and immediately implemented new controls to prevent the issue from reoccurring. The person I spoke to was Brittany A, who was very pleasant and gave me honest advice relating to the issues we were experiencing.

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Expert Opinion – Our In-Depth Review of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting was founded back in 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson, two former hosting employees from the Open Source World. Sunil & Todd had a vision to create a superior web hosting service that would serve the needs of businesses of all sizes and provide stellar customer support. They worked hard to build a new company by using premium hardware and developing the first “green” data center in Los Angeles. Through their commitment to professional innovation, InMotion Hosting has grown quickly and received numerous awards. In 2003, just 2 years after the company's launch, InMotion Hosting had already become a leader in the web hosting industry and was recognized as a Certified CNET Hosting Provider (a standard which it continues to hold today more than 13 years later). InMotion Hosting is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, holding an A+ rating, and still has big plans for the future. InMotion Hosting continues to expand its reach with a mission to create more server locations throughout the world, specifically in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Hosting Plans & Features – Which One is Right For Me?

InMotion Hosting is a full service Linux web hosting provider that offers a wide variety of business grade hosting plans suitable for websites of any size. Whether you are looking to build a brand new website or transfer a large, established one with advanced processing and traffic requirements, you can easily find a plan that fits your requirements. Each plan offers a full range of software features and different levels of hardware performance – Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and Managed Hosting for CMS websites. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs typically start off with a shared hosting plan and then upgrade to a VPS account after successfully scaling the site's user community.

Listed below is a more detailed review of all the different web hosting plans offered at InMotion Hosting and what each one is best recommended for.

Overview of InMotion Hosting's Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Plans:Introductory Price:Renewal Price:Compare:
Launch$2.95/mo$6.99/moView Details
Power$4.49/mo$8.99/moView Details
Pro$7.49/mo$15.99/moView Details

InMotion Hosting's shared web hosting plans are optimized to meet the requirements for modern web development using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP) and include a free upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD), a free domain name, and a free SSL certificate on every account. The servers include SSH access for custom configuration and version control, as well as support for PostgreSQL, Ruby, Perl, and Python. Developers can also choose between PHP versions 5.6, 5.7, or 7.0 for maximum flexibility in supporting custom application requirements. The combination of business-class hardware and a full suite of software tools, including over 400 free applications, makes their shared plans the preferred choice for websites requiring high performance on a low cost basis.

Shared Business Hosting – Launch: 2 Separate Web Sites, up to 6 domains with email, and 2 MySQL Databases

Their lowest cost “Launch” account is perfect for single site owners who need an additional sandbox environment for development and testing. Take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the InMotion Hosting data center architecture on the most cost effective basis, including a free website transfer from other hosting companies.

Shared Business Hosting – Power: 6 Separate Web Sites, up to 26 domains with email, and 50 MySQL Databases

The “Power” account is targeted to multi-site owners who need integrated web hosting facilities and an easy way to manage multiple domains under a single administration panel. This plan is recommended for web entrepreneurs, start-up site owners, and small businesses with a portfolio of domains that are under expansion.

Shared Business Hosting – Pro: Unlimited Web Sites, Unlimited domains with email and Unlimited MySQL Databases

The “Pro” account is optimal for web professionals who frequently launch many different sites under a single company framework or have many domains under development at the same time. The performance gains, cPanel management, and domain tools provide everything required for web development in an optimized environment.

Another bonus of the Shared Business accounts from InMotion Hosting is that the company has integrated many of the tools from their managed WordPress hosting service into the basic plans. This means that developers can access BoldGrid tools for WordPress, use WP-CLI for command line management, or access a pre-installed version of the CMS. All of the Shared Business Hosting accounts from InMotion Hosting include a 99.9% uptime guarantee and integrated back-up services, as well as their industry leading technical support. InMotion Hosting offers unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth transfer on these accounts, as well as the ability to choose the geo-location of the server architecture.

Overview of InMotion Hosting's VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting Plans:Introductory Price:Renewal Price:Compare:
VPS-1000S$29.99/mo$44.99/moView Details
VPS-2000S$49.99/mo$84.99/moView Details
VPS-3000S$74.99/mo$154.99/moView Details

If your website has outgrown a shared hosting plan, the next step is to consider a VPS web hosting account. InMotion Hosting offers a great mix of performance, price, and features in all their VPS plans. The InMotion Hosting VPS accounts offer better security and improved performance over traditional shared web hosting plans. Furthermore, InMotion Hosting has recently updated their VPS line with a new feature which they call “High Availability VPS”. This is a cloud based platform that offers greater redundancy and almost instantaneous recovery in the event of a server failure. Your site(s) should experience virtually zero downtime. Furthermore, VPS customers can monitor their RAM, disk space, page load times, and bandwidth usage directly from the AMP control panel.

VPS Hosting – VPS-1000S: 60 GB RAID6 SSD Drive Setup, 4 GB Burstable RAM Usage, 2 TB Data Transfer

CMS websites will see strong performance gains by upgrading to a VPS-1000S account with InMotion Hosting. These plans offer around 12 times the RAM memory available on shared hosting accounts. The VPS-1000S account is the first step to take when upgrading a website due to web traffic, database, and script processing requirements.

VPS Hosting – VPS-2000S: 130 GB RAID6 SSD Drive Setup, 6 GB Burstable RAM Usage, 3 TB Data Transfer

Developers of high performance web and mobile applications can custom configure the VPS-2000S account at InMotion Hosting to fine tune the server environment for maximum technical innovation. “Burstable” RAM capabilities insure that even unexpected traffic spikes will be managed seamlessly without taking the server offline.

VPS Hosting – VPS-3000S: 200 GB RAID6 SSD Drive Setup, 8 GB Burstable RAM Usage, 4 TB Data Transfer

The highest performance ratings for database-driven web sites with many simultaneous users and complex codebases are accorded to the VPS-3000S account. With over 20 times the RAM available compared to shared hosting plans, the VPS-3000S accounts offer the most resources available without upgrading to a fully dedicated server.

Each VPS account from InMotion Hosting includes a number of operating system snapshots in order to speed deployment of the server installation. Site owners can access a resource monitoring dashboard to view real-time statistics about website and server performance. The accounts include free domain registration and dedicated IP addresses for each plan, as well as a full cPanel license for those running CentOS or Cloud Linux on the VPS. Site owners can host unlimited domains on a VPS account at InMotion Hosting using these tools for full development power based on Intel server architecture. Root access is available, but must be specially applied for under a managed hosting framework.

Overview of InMotion Hosting's Reseller Server Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting Plans:Introductory Price:Renewal Price:Compare:
R-1000S$13.99/mo$27.99/moView Details
R-2000S$19.99/mo$39.99/moView Details
R-3000S$27.49/mo$54.99/moView Details

InMotion Hosting offers excellent deals on reseller hosting including bundled licenses for cPanel, WHMCS, and Enom that can save a significant amount of money over independent purchases of the software. For example, a bundled cPanel and WHM license on a dedicated server will currently cost $45 per month and WMHCS licenses range from $15.95 to $39.95 per month if purchased directly from the vendor outside of the InMotion Hosting promotional package. Enom domain reseller licenses cost $50 to $795 when purchased retail from their website. The combined licenses for cPanel, WHMCS, and Enom provide all of the tools required to sell domain names and web hosting services under a white label branding system or as part of an independent small business.

Reseller Hosting – R-1000S: 80GB Disk Space, 800GB/mo Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IP

The R-1000S reseller account at InMotion Hosting has the same configuration as their shared hosting based on accelerated SSD hardware and the ability to host unlimited domains. This account is excellent for web masters and small businesses in web promotions or social media marketing with many client websites under management.

Reseller Hosting – R-2000S: 120GB Disk Space, 1,200GB/mo Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IP

The only major difference in the R-2000S reseller account over the introductory package is the 50% increase in allocated storage, bandwidth, and price. Most reseller partners are advised to start with the R-1000S account and only upgrade to the R-2000S if the websites under management exceed the monthly limits.

Reseller Hosting – R-3000S: 160GB Disk Space, 1,600GB/mo Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IP

InMotion Hosting offers two free hours of dedicated technical support with the purchase of a R-3000S reseller account, designed to facilitate complex migrations of multiple domain names to the new servers. This plan is recommended for web developers and independent web professionals with many client domains under management who are looking for a higher performance hosting company with a lower cost basis and great technical support over competitors.

InMotion Hosting's reseller hosting can be a viable option for small businesses like web development companies, graphic design firms, social media marketers, and freelance professionals providing web services to clients. By purchasing wholesale IT resources at the InMotion Hosting data center, it is possible to create a white label web hosting site under a new brand name using these packages. The external costs of the included add-on licenses for cPanel, WHMCS, and Enom combined with the superior resources of InMotion Hosting's shared plans make the reseller accounts a great value. Companies without the need to resell domains and SSL certificates or bill customers for hosting space using WHMCS are advised to simply sign-up for the Shared Business Pro hosting plan, as it does offer cPanel and unlimited domain support at a lower overall cost.

Overview of InMotion Hosting's Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Dedicated Plans:Introductory Price:Renewal Price:Compare:
Essential$119.99/mo$189.99/moView Details
Advanced$159.99/mo$219.99/moView Details
Elite$229.99/mo$299.99/moView Details
Commercial Class 500$419.99/mo$419.99/moView Details
Commercial Class 1000$439.99/mo$489.99/moView Details
Commercial Class 2000$539.99/mo$589.99/moView Details

InMotion Hosting offers a variety of Dedicated Hosting plans with elite hardware configurations in their Tier-1 data center facilities in Los Angeles. These are recommended for enterprise-level web & mobile apps with massive amounts of traffic, huge database storage requirements, and large archives of media files that must be hosted with custom server extensions. InMotion Hosting offers managed services for dedicated server architecture at their data center, which includes pre-configured hardware availability and regular security updates for installed software packages. Each dedicated server includes a free Solid State drive (SSD) and a “double RAM” promotion for further cost savings on comparable plans at other companies. Raid storage, zero downtime kernel upgrades, a free cPanel license, and world class technical support including “1 to 1” communication with the systems administrators at the InMotion Hosting data center are all part of each dedicated server account.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Essential: Intel® Xeon® X3430, 2.8GHz Turbo 4C/4T, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD or 1TB 7.2K HDD

The “Essential” Dedicated Server account at InMotion Hosting offers an Intel Xeon quad-core CPU with 500 GB SSD and 8GB of RAM at a price equivalent to what many companies charge for VPS hosting accounts. Take advantage of the pricing to secure a great deal. This plan is excellent for high traffic web and mobile applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Advanced: Intel® Xeon® E3-1246 v3. 3.9GHz Turbo 4C/8T, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD or 2TB 7.2K HDD

The “Advanced” account includes 10 dedicated IP addresses and 10TB of monthly data transfer, making this plan recommended for hosting many high traffic ecommerce accounts on a single server. Multi-threaded Intel architecture clocked at 3.9GHz means that all of the database activity from simultaneous users can be managed at around $15 per month per site when fully optimized.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Elite: Intel® Xeon® E3-1246 v3, 3.9GHz Turbo 4C/8T, 32GB RAM, RAID-1, 2x500GB SSD or 2x2TB 7.2K HDD

With over 84 times the RAM memory allocated to most shared hosting accounts used for multiple domain management and 15 dedicated IP addresses, the “Elite” account at InMotion Hosting is optimized for multi-site hosting under the most demanding user traffic conditions. When combined with database optimization and advanced page caching software, this server package can be used to host multiple domains, a single high-performance website, or advanced mobile apps.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Commercial Class 500: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2430 v2, 3.2GHz Turbo 6C/12T, 16GB RAM, RAID-1: 2x500GB SSD

InMotion Hosting's “Commercial Class” of servers are optimized for enterprise site performance with large scale database requirements related to “big data”. All of the “Commercial Class” servers include 15 dedicated IP addresses per account, and with the included cPanel license, it is easy to manage hundreds or thousands of individual domains on this plan.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Commercial Class 1000: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3, 3.2GHz Turbo 8C/16T, 32GB ECC DDR4 RAM, RAID-1: 2x1TB SSD

The “Commercial Class 1000” plan at InMotion Hosting is ideal for companies who need to outsource their IT requirements to a data center to save money on in-house costs and host multiple domains to the public. The inclusion of ECC RAM is recommended for ecommerce or financial websites where data integrity is critical for custom-coded applications in high-performance environments.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Commercial Class 2000: Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3, 3.2GHz Turbo 16C/32T, 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM, RAID-5: 3x1TB SSD

The InMotion Hosting “Commercial Class 2000” is a top-of-the-line dedicated server based in a world class, Tier 1 data center that can be custom configured through “1 on 1” support with technicians on a monthly basis. Website owners and mobile apps with large user communities can build on this architecture which includes Intel octa-core processing, multiple SSDs, and around 170 times the RAM found on a standard shared hosting account.

InMotion Hosting is well known for their high speed servers and solid performance. We've hosted numerous sites with them throughout the years and have found them to be one of the fastest and most reliable hosting providers. In fact, we actually host this very site with them!

Screenshots of the Account Management Panel (AMP) & the Control Panel

InMotion Hosting is basically standard in terms of “ease of use”. If you’ve never hosted a site before, there’s always a bit of a learning curve. Regardless of which hosting plan you purchase from them, you’ll first login to their AMP (Account Management Panel). The AMP is where you’ll manage your overall account with InMotion Hosting, such as updating billing & contact information, purchasing add-ons, upgrading or downgrading features, contacting technical support, reading tutorials, etc. We really love the InMotion Hosting AMP and it feels very efficient and well organized. Both beginners and experienced users will appreciate the layout with easy access to all of the most popular tools and pertinent services.

One important aspect of the AMP framework offered by InMotion Hosting is that it allows site owners to seamlessly upgrade between services, for example when scaling a site from a shared hosting account to VPS or a dedicated server. Additionally, the AMP administration section makes it easy to launch WordPress tools, cPanel, or Softaculous for script installation. The GUI is also designed in a way that makes it easy to contact customer service, sales representatives, or technical support officers by just a single click through the interface. Here’s a look at the AMP section that you’ll first log into with InMotion Hosting:

Screenshot of the InMotion Hosting AMP (Account Management Panel)

Review of the Control Panel

InMotion Hosting uses cPanel, the industry standard server administration panel for Linux-based web hosts. cPanel is widely used in the web hosting industry, and most people prefer it over Plesk or proprietary administration panels for managing domain names and server configurations. The InMotion Hosting integration of cPanel with AMP uses no customized themes or modified branding. With cPanel, you can install MySQL databases, change the PHP settings on the server, establish email and FTP accounts, as well as configure subdomains to use in web development. Softaculous is accessible through both AMP and cPanel, offering over 400 open source scripts in a “one click” installation framework in order to deploy websites quickly. There are also a variety of useful analytics, statistics, and traffic charts for each domain that can be accessed for review.

The screenshot below shows cPanel with the Paper Lantern theme which is installed by default at InMotion Hosting.

Screenshot of the InMotion Hosting cPanel

cPanel's “File Manager” is a helpful utility that provides a browser-based alternative to FTP in managing all of the files and folders associated with an account. This can be used to save time by uploading zipped files to the server and unpacking them for those who prefer not to use command line tools. phpMyAdmin provides direct access to database tables for making back-ups, site transfers, or modifications to a website. phpPgAdmin functions in the same manner for PostgreSQL support. Most users will prefer to manage database creation using the “Wizard” tools integrated within the cPanel framework. Site owners using “Softaculous” to launch sites can take advantage of the script's ability to create databases directly when installing an application. CMS security updates can also be managed through “Softaculous” when released by the platform development teams. In summary, cPanel offers a wide range of web development and domain management tools that often provide multiple methods of accomplishing the same ends depending on the preference of the systems administrator. It is considered an essential tool in web hosting and definitely outperforms most of the custom-coded, proprietary administration panels on the market.

Servers, Network, & Performance

Servers: InMotion Hosting uses a network server array system for Shared Business Hosting plans, with most sites running on a 24 core CPU and 1 to 4 GB of RAM. Hosted websites are auto-allocated to new servers based on prioritization according to the changing needs of the data center and domain traffic. InMotion Hosting's VPS network arrays are more advanced, running on a hybrid “High Availability” framework that company technicians have invented and is not found on other web hosts. The VPS framework includes 3 to 10+ server nodes with 24 cores and 1 to 4 GB of RAM where at least three copies of each website are kept online at a single time. InMotion Hosting uses proprietary data transfer optimization tools to provide the fastest page load times possible on VPS network arrays. For Dedicated Servers, configurations based on Intel® Xeon® X3430, Xeon® E3-1246 v3, Xeon® CPU E5-2430 v2, and Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3 are currently available.

All of the InMotion Hosting servers run a version of the Linux operating system, with CentOS and Cloud Linux (paid upgrade) most prevalent. The shared server environment supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases as well as PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl for web development. Root access via SSH is available on all accounts.

Network: InMotion Hosting utilizes 2 data centers strategically located on the West & East coasts of the United States. Customers can choose which data center they would like their website hosted on for optimized performance. InMotion Hosting uses a proprietary framework branded as “Max Speed Zones™” to offer up to 6x the speed on data transfers using geo-locative routing technology. The Tier-1 network facilities offered by the InMotion Hosting data centers include the ability to route transfers through different service providers adding layers of protection for unexpected outages. With this comes a 99.9% uptime guarantee under Category A, PCI compliant standards.

Performance: We continually test and monitor the performance of InMotion Hosting with Pingdom site monitoring tools to get a more technical measure of performance data. The results below are dynamically pulled from Pingdom:

Server Uptime & Response Report – April 2018

Hosting Type Tested: Shared

Hosting Plan: Launch

Location Tested: North America

Description: Performance stats of the last 30 days from our InMotion Hosting test account.

Server uptime: 99.93%
Response Time: 239 ms
# of outages: 1

NOTE ABOUT TEST STATS: Keep in mind the above data is not fully representative of all the websites hosted on InMotion Hosting. There are too many factors that influence performance stats – including the specific server the site is hosted on, the web hosting plan chosen, the optimization of the actual website, scheduled maintenance, geolocation, etc. Our tests are performed on low-end shared hosting accounts for each web host reviewed to showcase the most modest performance stats.

Helpful FAQs About InMotion Hosting

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about InMotion Hosting:

You can order a web hosting plan from InMotion by visiting their website, Choose the appropriate hosting plan you want, then click “Order Now”. Select the term (12 months or 24 months) and click continue. Next, choose a domain name or if you already have a domain name, you can use your existing one. Decline or accept any extra services. Then enter your billing and payment info to place the order.

InMotion Hosting accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover) but does not use PayPal.

You can cancel your account at any time. You will need to submit a cancellation notice online via their electronic cancellation form.

Yes. InMotion Hosting offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on shared hosting plans and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on VPS & Dedicated hosting plans. This means that you have 90 (or 30 for VPS & Dedicated) days to receive a full refund. If you cancel after 90 (or 30) days, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund (basically a refund for the time left that you didn't use). There are no time limits or contracts and you can cancel at any time, even after 90 (or 30) days. However, any SSL certificates, domain privacy fees, or domain names you registered with InMotion are non-refundable. This is standard for most web hosts. If you got a free domain name from InMotion, there is a non-refundable fee of $15.99. You can keep the domain name and can transfer it or point it somewhere else.

Some Things to Consider Before You Purchase…

As with any web host, there are always pros and cons that you should consider. We’ve discussed many of the pros for InMotion Hosting, but here’s a further explanation of the cons. These are things we feel InMotion Hosting could improve for their customers:

Phone Verification: After you purchase a hosting plan from their website, you’ll need to be verified by phone. This means that after checkout, you won't be able to log into your account and start settings things up until after the verification. Basically a staff member from InMotion Hosting will call you to verify that you are a real person who is intending on hosting a real site that is not spam or containing any illegal activities. They are very strict about spam, which is a good thing. Although unfortunately, it does mean that you won't have access to your account immediately after you signup. You may need to wait about 30 minutes before they call, verify, and activate your account. You can speed up the whole process by calling them instead of waiting for them to call you. Either way, we feel this is a con and prefer that they activate your account immediately after purchase and then call you later to verify.

Frequent Hardware Upgrades: This is both a pro and a con. Having hosted sites with InMotion Hosting for years, we have noticed frequent email notifications to customers about scheduled maintenance. These emails alert customers about scheduled maintenance (such as upgrading server hardware & software) and possible downtime (during the maintenance) to improve their services. It’s great that they’re continually updating their network, but nobody wants to see downtime either. Fortunately, the maintenance is always scheduled at night during slow times when traffic is minimal and the downtime is just a couple minutes. Overall it’s for the best, but those scheduled maintenance emails do seem to popup frequently.

Limited Site Add-ons: For the Launch plan (their most basic hosting plan), InMotion Hosting only allows 2 websites. Although this is an entry level plan and they do have other higher tier plans for multi-domain hosting, it would still be nice to host unlimited sites on the basic account. As it stands, this is an up-sell technique that leads to a higher overall price for an unlimited shared hosting account compared to other cPanel-based web hosting companies, but this is also offset by free upgrades and higher performance.

Premium Website Builder: The premium website builder that InMotion Hosting uses feels very old and outdated. Furthermore, it's confusing to use. There are other better website builders out there on the market. We wouldn't recommend using this website builder.

DID YOU KNOW? InMotion Hosting has been a 3 Star CNET Certified web host since 2003 and running. That's over 13 years!

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

InMotion Hosting also offers managed hosting, WordPress specific hosting, and web development services. Their dedication to the WordPress platform has led to the inclusion to numerous site management tools in the hosting account plans that are not found with other service providers. The managed hosting services allow for the access of specialized technical support representatives for account management at costs ranging from $33 to $40 per hour, compared to $75 per hour outside of the plan framework. Services provided with the managed hosting plans include Nginx deployment, Varnish Cache configuration, web security enhancement, and server optimization for LAMP. Web development services include custom theme design and site publishing for SMEs and enterprise. Most web hosting companies are not equipped with these additional layers of technical service related to web development and paid cooperation with client script management. We believe this company experience translates to a higher over-all level of quality in technical support at InMotion Hosting.

Developer Tools: The new integration of the BoldGrid WordPress website builder framework with shared hosting accounts and the ability to use Git easily for web development teams makes InMotion Hosting popular with both programmers and designers. The strong support for Python, Ruby, Perl, and PostgreSQL on the platform also makes InMotion Hosting a good choice for coders building custom web and mobile applications. Command line use for web development is standard even on shared accounts at InMotion Hosting.

Improved Security against DDoS Attacks: InMotion Hosting now delivers a better and safer defense against DDoS attacks with the Corero Smartwall Threat Defense System. This allows them to successfully defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages. While most websites are not specifically targeted by DDoS attacks, the extra layer of security against automated network attacks is valuable as insurance and demonstrates the extra attention to detail in services provided by the company.

Free Advertising Credits: All new accounts at InMotion Hosting receive $250 in free advertising credits with Google AdSense, Microsoft Bing Ads, Yahoo! and For web marketers and social media promoters, or small businesses looking to build more traffic to their websites, this can be a valuable service. When added to the bottom line of costs that would be allocated anyway in support of a web business, these offers can make an InMotion Hosting account comparatively cheaper.

Conclusion – To Host or Not to Host?

As we reach the conclusion of our InMotion Hosting review, we sincerely hope that it helped you decide whether or not you should host your site with them. Every site is different and you'll need to determine if this web host best suits your needs. For further information about InMotion Hosting, you can visit their website at

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Have you used InMotion Hosting before? Have any positive or negative experience you’d like to share with us? Email us your feedback at . Thank you!

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