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Thinking of link building with Link-able? Read our full review to learn more about the platform and see if Link-able would be a good fit for your Content Marketing strategy.

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A Quick Overview:

Link-able is a unique platform for website owners that helps them acquire high quality backlinks on relevant websites by working with freelance authors. The way Link-able works is really quite clever and makes link building very convenient and efficient for website owners, bloggers, content marketers, etc.. There’s no need now to spend hours outreaching to publishers asking for links, attempting to write guest posts, or utilize any of those other typical link building tactics. Instead of doing all this yourself (or even hiring an SEO agency), you can simply post a project (basically like a link building job) on the Link-able platform, where talented and established authors are searching to find content they can possibly link to. It's essentially a freelance job platform, much like Upwork, but solely dedicated to link building jobs. For website owners, you can simply signup as a client and post a link building job, describing your needs and requirements.

Why choose Link-able:

  • Premium work – only well established, talented authors build quality backlinks
  • Easy to use and literally saves you countless time in acquiring relevant and diverse backlinks
  • Eliminates the work for you to do outreaching and guest blogging yourself
  • White hat links from experienced and elite authors
  • No tolerance for spam and only allow quality website owners and authors to use the platform
  • Gives smaller sites a fighting chance over the big boys who typically get all the links
  • Helps empower authors to write better quality articles by enforcing strict quality guidelines
  • Encourages content marketers to produce better quality content themselves

What are the disadvantages:

  • It’s hard to get approved. They only except websites/blogs with extremely high-quality content (they describe it as 10X content).
  • It’s a bit on the pricey side – the authors are fairly experienced and well-known. Thus, they charge a premium price for a premium job.

The bottom line:

It’s a newly developed platform launched in late 2018 and is still currently in Beta. Not every website owner can use Link-able, as they have very strict quality requirements and not all websites are allowed on the platform. However, it is a powerful platform that can really help their users acquire extremely relevant and valuable backlinks. All in all, it can be a very powerful tool that will give you an edge in your content marketing and link building.

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Additional Info About Link-able

Is Link-able white hat link building?

Yes, Link-able states in their terms of service that they require all authors to utilize white hat link building methods. Link-able itself, simply matches you with the right people, so you’re basically paying authors for outreaching and working to guest post for you. Considering the fact that virtually all legitimate SEO agencies outreach and guest post for their clients, Link-able uses fairly common and standard practices of link building. In addition, they also state that they strictly prohibit authors from paying publishers for link placements or using PBNs. In other words, they don't allow the authors to buy backlinks on websites, which is good.

How does Link-able fair for authors?

Link-able is even more strict with authors, which is good. Authors undergo a thorough vetting and only the most qualified ones are accepted into the platform. Link-able also works very closely with the authors to help them craft a well-researched article and to ensure that all links are extremely relevant and useful. Link-able can be an extremely beneficial platform for freelance authors who can write well and are looking to earn better revenue for their writing.

Conclusion – To use or not to use?

As we reach the conclusion of our Link-able review, it’s important to keep in mind that every SEO service has its own pros and cons. If you’re considering using Link-able, you’ll need to determine if their platform offers the right features and services to best suit your needs. For example, Link-able is not that well suited for local link building or building links to product pages (like on an eCommerce site). Also remember that Link-able doesn't accept all applications and you'll need to apply to join them first. For further information about Link-able, visit their website at If you found this review helpful, please like and share it!

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