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Our HTGO local SEO 101 Online Course

A Practical SEO Course for Real Small Business Owners

Taking online best-practices and applying that with the real-life experiences working with 100+ small and medium sized businesses, the instructor Jordan Atchison walks small business owners and marketers alike through SEO strategies and tactics that help business stand out in a competitive world and gain more traction in search.

The interactive course includes live web-based instruction, presentations, resources to facilitate further learning, and a working SEO checklist. Each class focuses on a specific area of local search, provides actionable advice and gives business owners the opportunity to get answers to some of their most difficult questions.

93% of all internet activity begins with a search query. How often does that end with your website?

Learn Everything Your Business Needs for SEO & DIY

The goal of this class is to provide small business owners and marketers alike the resources needed to make better decisions related to Search Engine Optimization. We will cover the essentials around local SEO, including the following:

On-Site SEO Tactics

On-site SEO is the only part of SEO that you fully control. It provides all of your other Search Engine Optimization activities. Learn how to lay a better foundation for your website’s SEO campaigns.

Off-Site SEO Tactics

Providing users and search engines alike a reason for coming to your site is a powerful SEO tactic. Learn powerful strategies to help build backlinks to your site and attract visitors.

Local Directories

There are 100’s of online directories that are out there that people rely on for valuable business information – website, phone number and directions. Learn how to maintain these and keep your information consistent.

Acquiring Better Reviews

Positive reviews are a huge part of search engines understanding of “quality”. Is your business set up to attract and promote its reputation online?

Competitive Research

SEO doesn’t happen in a bubble. You’re fighting for the all-important top 3 positions on valuable search queries. Learn how to get a glimpse into your competition’s strategy and develop around it.

Functional Analysis

Data is all around us, but few actually put it to good use. Get a better understanding of your data. Learn how to make more actionable decisions based on your website’s analytics.

Developing a Content Strategy

Google has continuously acknowledged that content is one of the most powerful items for SEO, yet the days of boilerplate content with a short word count are gone. Learn to develop content that engages.

About the Instructor - Jordan Atchison

With thousands of hours of practical experience and working with hundreds of small businesses, Jordan Atchison brings real life experience, coupled with industry best practices to small and medium sized businesses in every industry. Through Jordan's practical experience and course delivery, you'll learn numerous key points that will be powerful catalysts for future online development and business growth.


How it Works

We’ve always tried to help small business owners & entrepenuers take the “DIY” approach with our self-help published tutorials, advice, reviews, tools, and more. Now, we’re taking it one step further with personalized training tailored specifically for you!

We’ve carefully arranged a 5 step process of how it all works.

  1. Sign up for more information and register for your class
  2. Attend the classes & learn actionable skills to better your business’s SEO strategy
  3. Receive a certificate of completion for SEO 101
  4. Optional: Take a workshop seminar and work to achieve your Google Analytics
  5. Learn as we work with you to build your business & succeed online

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