5 Best Backlink Checkers for Analyzing Your Backlink Profile

A guide to backlink checkers and a list of the top backlink checking tools for finding & analyzing your website's backlinks.

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Having a good backlink profile is essential for SEO and you'll need to continually monitor your website's backlinks. Google has been increasingly vocal on how they are cracking down on bad linking practices over the past couple years. Sites with poor backlink profiles can suffer greatly in the SERPs and because of this, it is important that you continue to monitor your website’s backlink profile and remove any poor quality links that you find. There are a number of backlink checkers you can use to do this. In this article we will provide an overview of the best backlink checkers you can use to find and analyze all the backlinks to your site.

A list of Popular Paid Backlink Checkers

A quick overview of top 5 choices used by many professional SEOs for finding and monitoring backlinks:

Backlink CheckerStarts at:*Recommended for:Learn more
Ahrefs$82.00/moPowerful backlink monitoring & rank tracking analysisVisit Site
Semrush$99.95/moDeep backlink profile analysis & competitor insightsVisit Site
Moz$79.00/moPopular & trusted all-in-one SEO toolVisit Site
Monitor Backlinks$16.50/moAffordable choice for backlink monitoringVisit Site
Majestic$41.67/moLargest commercial link intelligence databaseVisit Site

* Discounted pricing for annual subscription

What About Free Backlink Checkers?

There are numerous free backlink checkers you can use as well. In fact, many of the above offer a free version you can use without paying. However, as you might imagine, these are generally not as comprehensive and typically only give a taste of the backlinks pointing to your domain. Free is ok, but not if you're seriously interested in understanding your entire backlink profile.

Gathering Your Complete Backlink Profile

Keep in mind, that even the best backlink checker will not find 100% of all your backlinks. Each one uses a different algorithm for their indexes and you'll find that while some do a better job than others, there is no one, true backlink checker. For those serious about obtaining a complete list of your website’s backlinks, you’ll need to use multiple tools to piece together what each one finds. Using a combination of free and paid backlink checkers will give you a much more accurate representation of all your backlinks.

Quick Tip: Google will show you a nice number of your backlinks for free within the Google Search Console, but unfortunately not all of them. This is still a powerful tool you should utilize.

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