6 Best Places to Find & Hire a Web Designer

A list of popular places where small business owners & entrepreneurs can go to find and hire a professional web designer for custom projects & websites.

Best places to find and hire a web designer

Let’s say you’ve decided that hiring a professional web designer is the best way to build and launch your website. At this point, your next challenge is to find the right designer or firm that’s a good match for your business, and can deliver your site on spec, on time, and on budget.

A quick search online will reveal millions of results for the term “web designer”. Freelancers and web agencies are all competing for your attention, eager to show you how great their work is and how experienced they are.

The truth is that the professional web design industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade, and the barriers to entry are still quite low. No qualifications are required to be a web designer and there’s no official group to assure you that the person you’ve entrusted with your website is good at their job. As a result, finding a competent web designer has become more difficult and finding the right fit requires investing a bit of your time. But here’s the good news – if you know WHERE to look, you’ve won half the battle.

Top Places to Find & Hire a Web Designer

Listed below are some of the most popular places where you can find a freelance web designer to build your site:

Place to go:Pricing:Recommended for:Learn more
ToptalAvg of $75 to 90/hrWork w/ a dedicated manager to find top-level designers & devsVisit site
99designsStarts @ $599Find a web designer via hosting a design contestVisit site
CodeableAvg of $60 to 120/hrFind a skilled & experienced WordPress developerVisit site
UpworkAvg of $15 to 75/hrFind a freelance web designer/developer yourselfVisit site
Envato StudioAvg of $500A community of freelance talent to browse & hireVisit site
HibuCustom quotesFind an all-in-one website solution for local businessesVisit site

Where to find a web designer

Go Local! How to Search for Local Web Designers and Firms in Your Area

Freelance websites are becoming more popular, however many business owners and entrepreneurs still prefer face-to-face meetings with the person or firm they’re hiring to build their website. If that’s the case for you, interviewing local firms first could be the way to go.

For community-driven businesses, hiring a local firm provides them with a new client, boosting the local economy, and helps you grow awareness for your business. Finding the right web designer or firm locally often starts with a recommendation from a trusted business associate. Here are a few tips on how to search for local web professionals in your area:

  • Ask the people you do business with on a regular basis – it’s likely some of them have a web professional or a web agency that handles their website.
  • Get the name of a reputable web professional or agency from your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attend some Meetups in your area – look for a business owners or tech meetup – and ask for advice on finding the right person to build your website.
  • You can still use online resources to find someone local. Do a Google search for local website designers or web agencies and browse their portfolio. Search for “your town name web designer” or “your town name web developer” to identify web professionals in your area. Visit the websites they’ve already built, and reach out to their clients to inquire about their experience with the designer or firm who built their website.
  • If you’re a business that serves a specific niche – let’s say you practice law or run a restaurant – browse the websites of other lawyers or restaurants in your area to see which web designer or firm built their site. Some web professionals specialize in serving a particular business niche which makes them especially helpful when it comes building your site, and they’ll provide additional value by understanding your business needs and helping you achieve your goals.
  • Look for a talented freelance designer through a specialized job board such as Krop, Authentic Jobs, Dribbble. Use the Location filter to browse just the professionals in your area.


Finding the right web designer will take some of your time, but you’ll be happy you didn’t rush this part of the process. Using our list of resources above, you can search an incredible pool of talent from all over the world. If you prefer to go local, use the tips we provided to find the best web designer or firm in your area. Once you’ve found a good set of candidates, the next step is to schedule a meeting or interview, and ask the right questions to make sure you’ve found the best web designer for your website and the needs of your business.

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