How to make your own website How to make your own website

How to Make Your Own Website

A step-by-step guide for real small business owners & entrepreneurs looking to
learn how to make a website and get online without any programming!
How to make your own website How to make your own website

Step 2 – Video 1: What Do I Need to Make a Website?

Now that the planning stage is complete, we can continue on to the next step, which is determining what tools/services you’ll need in order to make your website. In this video, we’ll cover a little bit about all the different ways to go about building a website and what’s the most practical, affordable, and all around easiest way for a beginner.

Video Transcript

Hi! Welcome back. This is step 2 of our 5 step video series on how to make your own website. In the previous step, we learned how to successfully complete the planning stage, which helped us determine the basic content and functionality our website should have. Now that we have a clearer picture of our website, it’s almost time to start building it. But first, we’ll need to find the right platform & tools to do this.

There are many different ways to go about building a website. Traditionally, you would build a website from scratch by writing HTML and CSS code along with some JavaScript or other scripting language, depending upon the complexity of your website. Unfortunately, this would mean that you would need to learn all these different languages, which is highly impractical for the average small business owner who doesn’t have much time.

Because of this, web developers & designers started to invent new platforms that required less technical knowhow. Today, there are numerous such platforms available. For example, you could use a CMS technology like WordPress. WordPress is a great choice that gives you powerful functionality & features. Many professional websites on the internet today use WordPress and I would highly recommend it myself. However, WordPress is still a complicated platform to learn – and for someone who has never built a website before, it can be quite challenging and frustrating. It can also end up being more expensive when you need to hire a professional WordPress developer to help you create a custom design or fix any errors you may have unintentionally created on your website.

For the average small business owner, the best option is to use a website builder. Website builders are, by far, the easiest way for beginners and require very little technical knowhow. It’s also very affordable and you can often make your own website for under $15/month. Compare that to hundreds if not thousands of dollars you could easily spend if you hire a professional web designer!

Furthermore, many modern website builders allow their templates to be highly customized so that you can create a unique looking website without your customers realizing it was made from a template. And you can easily do this without any programming! Simply drag and drop your content around to arrange a new design.

In this video series, I’m going to use a website builder to show you how to make a website. I’m using a website builder because it’s the most practical, affordable, and all around easiest way for a beginner.

Naturally, website builders do have their limitations and there are always some tradeoffs with using one. You won’t quite have the full power and flexibility you get with a professional web developer or even using a more advanced platform like WordPress, but when you compare the overall pros and cons, using a website builder is still the best option.

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