How to make your own website How to make your own website

How to Make Your Own Website

A step-by-step guide for real small business owners & entrepreneurs looking to
learn how to make a website and get online without any programming!
How to make your own website How to make your own website

Step 2 – Video 2: Finding & Setting up a Website Builder

In this video, we’ll cover how to find a website builder and how to properly set it up. Throughout this series, we’ll use as our primary example for showcasing key concepts and learning points. However, you can use any website builder of your choice. Be sure to check out our resource article on the top website builders currently on the market.

Video Transcript

Getting back to our fictional example with Sarah and her bakery business, I’m going to show Sarah what website builder to use and how to properly set it up. Follow along as I show Sarah how easy it is!

First we need to pick a website builder that we’re going to use. There are a wide variety of website builders out there to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. In this video series, I’m going to use Wix. The Wix website builder is one of the easiest and most popular choices available. It has pretty much everything a small business owner needs to make their own website. So right now, it’s a perfect match for Sarah and her bakery business.

Note: Although using Wix yourself would be easier to follow along with in this video series, note that it is not required. Feel free to use any website builder you want as you should be able to apply the principles that you’ll learn from this guide to almost any other website builder out there. Choosing a good website builder is an important decision and I’d highly recommend that you check out our resource article on the best website builders currently on the market.

So let’s get started! As you can see here, I’m going to visit and signup for a free account.

Next you’ll need to set things up by choosing a template. A template will serve as the basic design of your website. There are typically numerous templates to choose from, so take your time and choose a template that really matches your style and business. For Sarah, she’s going to browse templates under the appropriate category – Restaurants. And then “Café & Bakery”. Most website builders should have templates designed for a variety of different business types.

Note: All the templates that you saw a moment ago, were designed by Wix meant for businesses who operate within that specific category. Wix, along with most other website builders, try to design templates that are already set to go. That means that these templates were designed so that you can just replace pictures and text with your own and change basic coloring schemes to match your branding.

Of course, no template is perfect and you can typically customize these templates further. It really depends on your creative ability and how much time you want to dedicate towards designing your own website. For some small business owners, they may prefer to simply choose a template and just stick with it. For others, they may prefer a more custom design and spend some extra time customizing the template. This really depends upon you and how well the existing templates already match what your website needs. I also want to point out that the customizability of your template does depend on your website builder as well. Some website builders give you greater control over the design of your template where others have less control. One of the reasons why I chose Wix, was because they give you a high level of control over the design.

Getting back to our own example, most website builders should allow you to preview each template. In Wix, you can hover over a template and click “view” to get a better look at the template.

Once you find a template you like, click “edit” to use this template. Then click “save” to confirm your choice.

Most website builders will usually ask you to choose a name and/or a temporary url for your website when you click save for the first time.

Just type in a short descriptive name for your website. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound professional. This is just a temporary name and address that the website builder will use. The address you have chosen here will not be visible until you click publish. Since the site is not ready yet, click “done” without publishing your site. You should only publish when your site is finished and ready to be viewed by your visitors. Also, when you do publish, you will want to avoid the free URL address that website builders give you. This address is completely unprofessional and something you should not use for your business. Remember, you will want to use your own professional domain name that you decided on in the planning stage back in Step 1.

Unfortunately, most website builders require a premium plan to do this and you will need to upgrade. So let’s get this task out of the way.

Scroll to the top menu and hover over Upgrade and then click on Compare plans.

As with any website builder, you will need to choose a paid plan to unlock all the features a professional website will have. There is no way around this and sticking with the free plan will only give your business a cheap, unprofessional appearance.

There are usually several plans available to choose from. If you’re using Wix, I would highly recommend choosing Combo as the bare minimum. This plan will remove all ads and give you the essential features a professional business website needs. Carefully look over the plans your website builder offers and choose one that matches your needs. Since Sarah is planning to sell some bakery goods on her website, she’s going to choose the eCommerce plan. Select the plan you need and complete the checkout process.

And that’s it! You now have your website builder fully setup and ready to start building!

Now that we have this done, it’s time for the next step – which is the step we’ve all been waiting for – Building your website!

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