How to make your own website How to make your own website

How to Make Your Own Website

A step-by-step guide for real small business owners & entrepreneurs looking to
learn how to make a website and get online without any programming!
How to make your own website How to make your own website

Step 1 – Video 2: Determining the Purpose & Functionality of Your Website

In this video, we’ll cover the first part of the planning stage, which is determining the purpose and functionality of your website. You’ll need to understand what your website is about and what it will do in order to successfully move forward.

Video Transcript

When you start out, the very first thing you need to do, is determine the purpose of your website. For example, Sarah thinks she knows why she needs a website. She needs one to give her bakery business exposure and to bring in more customers. That’s the ultimate purpose for her. Of course, that’s the fundamental purpose for every business… to gain exposure and bring in customers. While that is the end game, that’s not the main purpose Sarah’s website should have. The MAIN purpose, is to inform people about her bakery and provide them with adequate information to help them decide on whether or not her bakery is the right choice for them. Sarah’s website must be beneficial to her customers first before it can be beneficial for her.

With that mentality in mind, we can start to outline all the pages her website will need in order to accomplish that purpose. We can also start thinking about all the functionality and features each page will need as well. In the next video, we’ll expand off of this further and create a site outline.

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