5 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Small Business

A review of the top 5 email marketing services to launch your business's first email newsletter. Find & compare the best email marketing platforms of 2021.

Best email marketing software

A simple email is still considered the most effective way to get in front of your audience. Email marketing allows you to directly connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of new prospects as well as keeping in touch with your existing customers. And with complete email marketing solutions available for businesses of all sizes, anyone can now create, optimize and deploy a great-looking email newsletter. To get started on your first email newsletter, you'll first need to decide on which service to use. In this article, we'll list the best email marketing platforms available for small business owners with the pros and cons of each one.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

As more and more companies are turning to email marketing as a means of expanding their sales and customer base, it is vital you understand how email can benefit your operations.

Email has been an indispensable tool for businesses for decades. It builds brand awareness, fosters relationships, generates leads and even propels growth, all without much cost to the company. In fact, the return on investment is really high for email marketing (4400%!). However, you have to choose a service that’s going to deliver for you and your business.

The Best Email Marketing Services at a Glance

To help you narrow the field to a reasonable number of candidates, we’ve pitted our top five in a bit of an email marketing cage match. Let’s see who comes out on top:

Platform:Starts at:Free trial:Learn more:
Constant Contact$20/mo for 500 contacts30 day free trial with credit cardView plans
iContact$15/mo for 1500 contacts Free plan until upgradeView plans
Benchmark$15.99/mo for 500 contactsFree plan until upgradeView plans
AWeber$19.99/mo for 500 contacts Free plan until upgradeView plans
Mail Chimp$10/mo for 500 contactsFree plan until upgradeView plans

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Software for Your needs

Though the list of email marketing apps and services continues to grow on a daily basis, chances are there is one specific app that suits your business needs to a tee. With a solid email marketing strategy in place, you are already poised for success – why not make it easier with an app and plan that meets all of your budgetary and functional needs? Chances are, you are running a tight ship and there will always be a need to stay lean. Every business owner or manager has asked themselves the same question: what value will this solution bring to my workflow, and how can I measure its worth? Identify the features than best resonate with you. Do choose a plan that you can take for a test drive – but even if it’s free, don’t waste time customizing an app that doesn’t do what you need it to do. Make a list of the most important features, and try to land on something that ticks all your boxes.

Best Email Marketing Software: Final Thoughts

Making your life easier is the name of the game. You’ve probably got better things to do than waste time on complex processes or finding workarounds when something doesn’t function the way you want it to. And always look to the future before deciding on your perfect email marketing app. Ask yourself: is this a service that can scale with me, or will I have to seek out other options if my company grows? Is it easy to use, or will we need to implement a training program? How will I know it is working? What kind of data will it deliver to prove its ROI? The email marketing program you go with should be as easy to use as it is to understand. Choose one with a robust set of tools, and preferably one with excellent customer support through multiple channels, like chat, email and direct telephone contact. Above all, keep it simple, and let your awesome campaign speak for itself.



26 May 2021 – General update

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